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Democratic Elected Officials

Running for Office

Any voter can become a candidate by collecting signatures on a petition, to indicate support for a candidacy. The number of signatures required, timing, and eligibility to sign, varies by office. Additional steps are required to become a candidate of a party other than the one to which the candidate belongs.



If multiple candidates submit petitions for the same party line, that party's voters choose between them in a primary election. 


Candidates for local office in Pelham Manor are selected via the caucus system, rather than via petition. At a caucus, voters gather in person to designate their preferred candidate.

Mayor Chance Mullen
Deputy Mayor Mike Carpenter
Trustee Russell Solomon
Trustee Don Otondi
Trustee Hanan Kamal Eldahry
Trustee Lisa Hill-Ries
Trustee Kim McGreal

Councilwoman Kristen Burke
Councilwoman Maura Curtin
Councilwoman Kara McLoughlin
Justice Adam Kagan
Justice John Gardner


No elected Democrats

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