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About The Committee

The Town of Pelham Democratic Committee consists of 20 members: two from each of Pelham's ten election districts (EDs). The representatives of EDs 1-5 comprise the Village of Pelham Democratic Committee; the representatives of EDs 6-10 comprise the Village of Pelham Manor Democratic Committee. Members are known as District Leaders.


District Leader (DL) responsibilities include recruiting and vetting candidates for office, supporting local candidates, outreach to and education of local voters, endorsements, and fundraising.

The Committee meets at 8:00pm the second Thursday each month. 
Meetings are open to Pelham Democrats.


Officers are elected by Committee members at the Organizational Meeting every two years.

Village of Pelham


Kate Carpenter
Krystal Howell

Town of Pelham


Marilyn Zielinski

Vice Chair

Mariette Morrissey


Moneeka Zaman


Aileen Dose

Officers need not be members of the Committee but each officer must be an enrolled voter of the Democratic Party.

Village of Pelham Manor


Toby Marxuach-Gusciora
Kara McLoughlin

District Leaders

District Leaders are unpaid volunteer elected officials, chosen in the primary election of even-numbered  years to serve two-year terms. Any Pelham Democrat may run for the Committee by petitioning to appear on the ballot. Learn More.


Town of Pelham Democratic Committee

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