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District Leaders (DLs) are elected to two-year terms in even-numbered years. However, Committee members sometimes step down during their terms, leaving vacancies. In that case, replacement DLs may be appointed by majority vote of the Committee.


District Leader candidates should be ready to:

  • Engage and build community with local Democrats, including in-person outreach;

  • Help eligible voters vote, register to vote or vote absentee;

  • Recruit local candidates for office, collecting petitions to place their names on the ballot and/or attending nominating caucuses;

  • Campaign for Democratic candidates;

  • Offer informed endorsements in advance of Democratic primaries;

  • Provide feedback to Democratic elected officials;

  • Encourage unaffiliated voters to support Democratic policies;

  • Inform the public about issues of concern to Democrats.

DLs are volunteers, and as such, juggle many commitments. As long as members maintain substantial engagement with Committee work, and actively support the group's goals, no specific actions/attendance are mandated. However, DLs are encouraged to participate in an average of three activities each month, including the monthly Committee meetings. Activities may include attending a fundraiser or convention; phone- or text-banking; collecting signatures on petitions; processing post-election data...almost anything that advances the Committee's goals. Activity levels vary significantly from month to month, with some months having no activity, and others (typically, those immediately preceding an election) having multiple events.

Qualifications for a Pelham Democratic County Committee Member are:

  • Interest in and some familiarity with local politics;

  • Willingness/availability to support Committee goals;

  • A background demonstrating a commitment to Democratic principles and/or volunteerism;

  • The ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively, to help build the consensus necessary to win support.

Any resident living and registered to vote as a Democrat in the Town of Pelham is eligible for this leadership opportunity. Consideration will be given to residents living in the closest to the district represented, and in that village. Consideration will also be given to maintaining a diversity of backgrounds and viewpoints within the Committee. 


Contact for more information or to submit your name for consideration.

Please note that while Democratic Committee members work on the range of Democratic platform issues, as Committee members they do so through the party. Voters primarily interested in direct action on issues may prefer advocacy through organizations focused on those issues.

District Leadership

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