Democratic Elected Officials

Town of Pelham

Councilwoman Kristen Burke

Councilwoman Maura Curtin

Justice Adam Kagan


Village of Pelham

Mayor Chance Mullen

Deputy Mayor Peter Potocki

Trustee Mike Carpenter

Trustee Ariel Spira-Cohen

Trustee Hanan Kamal Eldahry

Trustee Lisa Hill-Ries

Trustee Ciro Greco


Village of Pelham Manor


Looking For Leaders!


Nov. 3

Please make a plan to vote absentee or early in the upcoming, crucial election!


Check back for info on upcoming Pelham Democratic events and meetings once Shelter In Place orders are lifted


You may vote by mail for any reason in the Nov. 3 election. Fill out the request below and check "temporary illness or disability" as the reason: 

Fill out your 2020 census form here:


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