Next Regular Meeting is on Thursday 9.12.19
at Pelham Village Hall 195 Sparks Ave 8 pm.
Public comment period 7:30-8:00
Committee meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month and are open to registered Democrats
Officers are elected at the Organizational Meeting every two years. 

Town of Pelham


Village of Pelham


Liz Massie

Marilyn Zielinski

Vice Chair

Mariette Morrissey



Eileen Madden  


Aileen Dosé

Village of Pelham Manor


Toby Marxuach-Gusciora

Officers need not be members of the committee but each officer must be an enrolled voter of the Democratic Party.

District Leaders
A District Leader is an unpaid volunteer elected official. These two positions from each Election District of the County of Westchester are subject to primary elections every two years.

Town of Pelham Democratic Committee

Village of Pelham 

District 1

Ed Doty

Mercedes Maldonado

Village of Pelham Manor

District 6

Toby Marxuach-Gusciora

William C Bassell

District 7

District 2

Elizabeth Massie

Julia Fuller Nakayama

Moneeka Zaman

Mariette Castillo Morrissey

District 8

District 3

Marilyn Zielinski

Russell Solomon

District 4

Maryanne Joyce

Eileen Madden Osmolski

District 9

Tara Weishaupl

Peter Hoffmann

District 5

Marc Burgess

Kristen Bowes Burke

District 10

Katherine Pringle

Seth Cohn

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